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Welcome to the Computer Music Room

What is the Computer Music Room?

The Computer Music Room is a business that services the 91% of undiscovered music artists in the Houston area. We understand the growing need for constant content and booking time at a traditional recording studio can get expensive especially if your music career is not putting money in your pocket yet. The only other solution is to purchase an entire studio with the daunting task of learning how to use it on your own. We service this need by being like a musical fitness gym. There is multiple music creation stations with all the industry standard software and hardware that a music artist would need to begin to create high quality recordings for a monthly subscription. There is also hands on Music production, songwriting and home recording classes offered in the same facility for organized accelerated learning. 


The Computer Music Room is the place to meet new and interesting like minded people. A place where singers connect with songwriters, where producers connect with recording artists and much more.  

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We offer all the tools you need to create with our music creation stations. We teach the skills needed to pull those ideas out of you. But most importantly we provide a nurturing space that will allow you to feel safe enough to allow yourself to create.


There are times when you meet amazing artists that you would love to create with. The problem is that you may not be comfortable creating with them in private. The Computer Music Room provides a safe public place to collaborate with other amazing artists like yourself.


8375 Westview Dr
Houston, Tx 77055
p: (832) 504 1355
e: [email protected]